IVOR intelligent hotel system is an innovative intelligent hotel integrated service management platform,
developed based on the wechat platform.It includes the clients' orders, check-in, intelligent interconnection
of equipment and room service etc.

Quicker, more convenient check-in procedure

Clients do not need to check in with the complex procedure, just one key to finish check-in. If requiring service, they
can contact the hotel's 24h online customer-service through wechat.

Booking room

Users can reserve the room and register the information
on APP official account.
System would create a QR code to unlock the room, and
send the code to the client's mobile phone on wechat.
The hotel reception, housekeeper would register the ID.
Clients can finish the check-in by using the QR code to
open the door.


Door can be opened directly by QR code from APP.
The check-in mode would be turned on automatically when
clients enter the room.(Light, music, air condition and other
equipments would be turned on.)

IVOR intelligent hotel system-guiding

Hotel room passageway would sense the client's location automatically and turn on the corresponding
guide lights to lead the client to the room.

Audio video entertainment experience

After guests enter the living room, you can turn on the entertainment mode with one key. TV, set-top box
and DVD would turn on automatically. Air condition would adjust to the
suitable temperature. Curtains close automatically. People enjoy it at ease.


Siri customer-service voice

Achieving the voice control in the room by APP Homekit, clients
can control the light, air condition, TV in the room.

More actual effective, fuller background
management and control

Hotels can achieve the high efficient client management and optimised room control by using IVOR's intelligent hotel
system background. By analysing the big data, hotels can work out a better marketing strategy.

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