Saferoffice electricity protection

The system monitors the electricity situation of each area and equipment in office. The current condition of all
equipments can be monitored. Power consumption is under the Cloud analysis, the system would push the notification
if there is an abnormal use of electricity to achieve the early warning electricity protection and possible fire warning application.

fter using the office intelligent system,
the cost of the electricity is gradually on the decrease.

Morecomfortableoffice Environment

Collecting the environment condition like temperature, light, humidity and staffs in office and providing to system,
the automatic adjustment equipments can achieve the automation office environment, which makes the staffs feel more comfortable and work more efficient.

More humanized and more conveniently
background management and control

The administrator not only can check the switch condition of each lighting, air condition, plug and other equipments,
but also can run the integral control or individual set-up on the working circle scene mode of each office to achieve
the zone control and one-key scene control, which saves the office cost and improve the management efficiency.

Introduction of the booking system procedure of
the IVOR intelligent conference room

Core value of the intelligent conference
room booking system

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